Privacy policy

The service, or just "the service", is provided on an "as is" basis. The service doesn't collect visiting users' data, authentication is not required. The service therefore doesn't store visitors' data and doesn't use it. The service uses cookies to make usage of the service more convenient. You can clear your browser's cookies any time without affecting the service's functionality. The service don't collect any data from the user's device.

The service represents statistical information collected by an API Client, that uses YouTube API v3 Services to collect interesting data for latest videos.

The service is not connected nor affiliated with Google, it just shows statistical data. Read more about Google privacy policy.

The service collects and shows via graphs the following set of data for channels' videos. These are the views count, likes count, dislikes count and the position of a particular video in Russian top-200. All the data collected using YouTube API v3 is presented at with ability to view statistical parameter as an integrational value or as a differential (delta) value. There is a zoom tool.

The service is not sharing the data collected using YouTube API v3 with third parties. It is not allowed for third parties to serve content of the service like advertisements. All the data on the website can be used for entertaining, education and for curiosity. Any commercial usage is not allowed.